Teachers & Bands

Breonna Jordan & Tyedric Hill

Breonna (US) and Tyedric (US) can move and they can swing hard! They are the new generation of black american Lindy Hoppers and they are fierce. We are happy to have them in Gothenburg for the first time and extra happy to be Breonnas first teaching experience in Europe.

We have invited them to SiS 2024 because of their amazing rhythm, inspiring dance as well as them being this generation of afro american swing dancers

Bianca Locatelli & Nils Andrén

Bianca (IT) and Nils (SWE) is the most flying and fast dancing couple in the swing dance scene right now. They are performers and choreographers with a passion for both Lindy and Boogie Woogie. They love swing dancing because it brings people together and spreads joy, but also because it is more than just a dance. It has a powerful meaning and history. Bianca and Nils’ goal is to help you become the best dancer you can be and to understand the values of this dances if you are a student and to be entertained and moved if you are a spectator at one of their shows. 

We have invited them for SiS 2024 because the way they spread energy in class as well as their personalities as teachers and people.

Instead of us describing their dance – take a look at them here!

Frida Segerdahl & Skye Humphries

Skye (US) and Frida (SWE) have inspired so many swing dancers for over 20 years! Both of them found the swing dance community in their early years and have shared their dancing since then through teaching, troupe performances and their own showcases as well as competitions. Taking classes with them gives you both a challenge for the body and mind as well as a warm feeling inside.

We have invited them back to SiS 2024 because of their long and broad knowledge in swing dancing and its culture as well as their appreciated dance classes.

Instead of us describing their dance – take a look at them here!

Mikaela Hellsten & Felix Berghäll

Mikaela (SWE) and Felix (SWE) are two amazing Lindy Hop and Jazz dancers caring about the values of the roots of Jazz dance. They are board members in the Collective Voice For Change and coaches the National Lindy Hop Team for Swedish Dance Sport Association. Mikaela has been performing in different settings since around 2005 and especially enjoys the performing aspects of dancing in theatrical settings. She finds the richness of jazz dancing a great form of expression, on and off stage. Felix has been traveling all over the world teaching, performing and DJ-ing for 10 years and is always hungry to learn more so he can share more.

We have invited them to SiS 2024 because of the way they care about jazz dance in everything they do and they way they want to share Lindy Hop and Jazz Dance.

Instead of us describing their dance – take a look at them here!


The Capulets

We are so happy to have this somewhat hidden treasure and talented musicians with years of experience from both dance festivals and live concerts! There is no doubt that the members of The Capulets will make your feet, body and soul groove.

While playing Rhythm n’ Blues with a swingin groove the band will entertain a full dance floor; people just loves their vibe and to swing out to them!

The somewhat rare line up in the band containing vibraphone, saxophone, guitar, vocals, drums and bass.

Listen to their music!

Gentlemen & Gangsters

Of course we have Gentlemen & Gangsters joining the band line up. What would Swingin’ Spring be without them…

For the ones that dont know them! G&G play traditional New Orleans hot jazz with a touch of swing. Focusing on authenticity in content and delivery, as well as a solid, driving rhythm, the group strive to play music that moves you and that stays true to the style of jazz giants such as Louis Armstrong, Bix Beiderbecke, Muggsy Spanier, Sidney Bechet, Duke Ellington,

Listen to their music!

Mildred & The Hot Nuts

Mildred & the Hot Nuts play jazz with drive and feeling.

Welcome to a celebration of early New Orleans style dance music; come cut the rug and sing-a-long to hits from Jelly Roll Morton, Bessie Smith, King Oliver and Kid Ory, join in our parade!