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5 hours of classes – Taster classes –
4 parties – Late night

Super bird 1550 SEK (40 First Tickets)
About 140 €

Early bird 1650 SEK (41-100 First Tickets)
About 150 €

– Regular bird 1750 SEK (Until 15/2 – 23)
(After 100 first tickets)
About 160 €

– Late bird 1950 SEK (From 16/2 – 23)
About 180

Lindy Hop
Improver1750 SEKRegister

1750 SEKRegister
Audition levels
– Int. Adv
– Adv
1750 SEKRegister
You will be charged in SEK
Vernacular Jazz
Lower1750 SEKRegister
(waiting list)
1750 SEKRegister
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Party pass



Glam Partypass 650 SEK
About 60 €

Price now
Glam Pass Friday/Saturday
650 SEK
Full Partypass Thurday-SundaySOLD OUT
You will be charged in Swedish SEK

Single tickets Friday and Saturday is released in February based on how many tickets that are left.

Lindy Hop – level description


At this level you are starting to get a good repertoire of movements in both open and closed position. You feel comfortable dancing to medium-tempo songs on the social dance floor.

If you take classes at WCJ this level is for you that have taken GK/FKA


At this level you have been dancing for about 2-3 years and dedicate time to practise and regularly go to social dancing. You feel comfortable dancing to medium-tempo and a bit faster songs on the social dance floor.

If you take classes at WCJ this level is for you if you have taken FKB and/or recently started taking Medel.

Intermediate advanced

At this level you have been dancing for about 3-5 years. Besides dancing at different speeds – slow, medium and fast. You pick up new variations and sequences quickly and are able to improvise with the rhythm of the music.

If you take classes at WCJ this level is for you if you have taken many medel courses and/ or medelavancerad courses.


At this level you dance a lot and have been for at least 4 years. You have ambitions to become a better dancer You probably have a dance partner or have joined a dance troupe and have done some shows in jazz or lindy hop. You adjust your dancing to different tempos with ease, you can dance with different partners and to different styles. You can handle a drum solo, surprising tempo-changes, fake endings or long piano intros.

If you take classes at WCJ this level is for you if you have taken many medelavancerad courses, you feel comfortable dancing vernacular jazz as well.


This level can be attended if you get an invitation from the organizers either out of the blue or if you signed up for a class pass or party pass.

You can also attend the audition and if teachers find you belong to the invited level, they might place you there.

All Lindy Hop teachers at WCJ is automatically invited to this level


Intermediate advanced, advanced and invitational track will be split by audition. The audition will be held by some of our main teachers. If you cannot attend the audition, you will be placed at the lowest level. 


The relative level at a dance camp is often unpredictable. Auditions help to get more even groups and create a better learning environment. At the audition you will be asked to social dance with people who signed up for the same level as you. The teachers will assign you in groups with roughly the same dance level. We know a lot of people don’t like auditions, but you’ll be fine, we promise. Just stick to the basics, smile and relax, you should only dance as you always do on the social dance floor, not fancier or better than you do normally.


There possibility to change levels will be limited. This goes for both both levels up and down. We aim to keep an even lead/follow ratio, and groups at a reasonable size. Read the level descriptions and choose wisely…

Vernacular jazz – level description

Jazz lower

You know some basic Jazz steps and have learnt a few classic routines like Shim Sham, Tranky doo and have tried some improvising in Jazz. The majority of your classes will be with Helena Kanini Kiiru.

If you take classes at WCJ this level is for you that know a few routines or taken 1-2 jazz courses.

Jazz higher

You’re comfortable with a wide range of steps and have learnt longer routines like the Tranky Doo or Big Apple. Your understanding for the music allows you to not only sequence steps but also improvise with them and add your own personality in movements and you are comfortable improvising with rhythms. The majority of your classes will be with Helena Kanini Kiiru.

If you take classes at WCJ, this level is for you if you know many routines and dance a lot of solo.

Terms & conditions for registration – classes & party pass


We have a no refund policy, that means that you are obliged to pay unless you actively cancel your ticket.
You have to pay within seven (7) days from getting your confirmation mail from us (check your spam). In our mail system we can see if you have opened your confirmation mail. Unless you pay within seven (7) days your ticket is cancelled but you still have a 200 SEK fee for administration that you need to pay. To skip this fee, you need to actively cancel your ticket within the seven (7) days.

We will charge you in Swedish SEK, mind that the conversion to other currencies can shift a bit from day to day.

After payment, a confirmation email will be immediately and automatically sent to your email address

Can I cancel my registration?
If you haven’t paid yet, you can cancel your ticket in the first seven (7) days after you received the confirmation email without the 200 SEK administration fee. You do this by sending us an email at After seven (7) days passed you have to pay the administration fee of 200 SEK.

If you cancel your ticket less than three (3) days before the event, you will need a doctor’s certificate to get back the registration fee of 200 SEK.

Can I sell my ticket?
You are allowed to sell or give away your ticket until 13th of March. For full-passes you need to find someone of the same role and level. If you sell your pass you need to inform us by sending us an email at

Questions or problems regarding the payment?
Don’t hesitate to contact us at

Partner Registration

To keep the festival balanced, we welcome an equal number of leaders and followers.  We encourage you to register with a dance partner but single registration is also possible.

If you have received a spot because you signed up with a partner, your spot is only secured if your partner has also registered and paid. If your partner cancels the festival, you will need to find a replacement in order to keep your spot. You can either find a replacement yourself or write an email to us as we might able to find someone from our waiting list.

General fesTival rules

With your registration to this festival you accept our terms and conditions and code of conduct.

Photos and video material
By registering for Swingin’Spring you agree to pictures and video being made, shared and used on social media and for our own marketing purposes. If you for some reason don’t want this, email us with a picture of yourself so we can give the photo to the photographer and they will take those pictures out after the event. You will still be photographed at the event since its easier logistically. Email:

Substitute teachers
For the rare occasion of a teacher getting sick or not being able to join we might have to substitute the teacher in your track or we might have to change the schedule.

Time and location
We reserves the right to change the time or location of the classes and evening dances, and will communicate any changes on the website and/or Facebook Page.

Follow our code of conduct
If you disregard our code of conduct,  you may be asked to leave without any refunds given.

Incidents, accidents and personal items
SiS does not take any responsibility for incidents and/or injuries nor for personal items or valuables that are lost or stolen during the event. Look out for yourself and for others as well please.